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Business process analysis

We need to understand your processes and the professional needs in your business. That's why our business process analysis is the first step before we're going to implement anything for you.


The Implementations are done based on the agile

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 Our Passion

Our Passion

is to setup simple processes with maximum benefit for you.

While informatics are usually some kind of unbeloved child in vehicle repair shops and handicraft businesses, we're offering processes which really fulfill your needs.

Business adminstration with integrated processes doesn't need to be more complex than tightening a nut.


With a small team, we enable you to focus on your core business by letting us manage your IT.
Joachim Herwig
Joachim Herwig
CIO and system architect
Martin Wiesmüller
Martin Wiesmüller
Full stack developer cloud
Rookie or experienced pro? You're a JS / TS developer? Give us a call!
Andreas Schäfer
Andreas Schäfer
Backend developer API
Harald Pfau
Harald Pfau

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Cloud computing subscription model out of the box proactive solution.

Latest news

  • WERBAS.blue release notes 2.3.3

    Latest changed delivered to all customers using WERBAS 5.0.2 and higher: WERBAS.blue received the WERBAS App WERBAS Logo instead of the WERBAS Innotec logo. The receipies you get for your purchases within our license shop are now billed from WERBAS AG and no more by WERBAS Innotec GmbH. Textareas within WERBAS.blue (nicht WERBAS!) now support […]

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    debugging port problems

    function Get-NetworkStatistics { [OutputType(‘System.Management.Automation.PSObject’)] [CmdletBinding()] param( [Parameter(Position=0)] [System.String]$ProcessName=’*’, [Parameter(Position=1)] [System.String]$Address=’*’, [Parameter(Position=2)] $Port=’*’, [Parameter(Position=3, ValueFromPipeline = $True, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $True)] [System.String[]]$ComputerName=$env:COMPUTERNAME, [ValidateSet(‘*’,’tcp’,’udp’)] [System.String]$Protocol=’*’, [ValidateSet(‘*’,’Closed’,’Close_Wait’,’Closing’,’Delete_Tcb’,’DeleteTcb’,’Established’,’Fin_Wait_1′,’Fin_Wait_2′,’Last_Ack’,’Listening’,’Syn_Received’,’Syn_Sent’,’Time_Wait’,’Unknown’)] [System.String]$State=’*’, [switch]$ShowHostnames, [switch]$ShowProcessNames = $true, [System.String]$TempFile = “C:\netstat.txt”, [validateset(‘*’,’IPv4′,’IPv6′)] [string]$AddressFamily = ‘*’ ) begin{ #Define properties $properties = ‘ComputerName’,’Protocol’,’LocalAddress’,’LocalPort’,’RemoteAddress’,’RemotePort’,’State’,’ProcessName’,’PID’ #store hostnames in array for quick lookup $dnsCache = @{} } process{ foreach($Computer […]

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  • Network requirements / settings to use the Innotec network infrastructure beginning with API Version 2.2.0

    Beginning with API Version 2.2.0 and switch to complete SSL communication some network requirements / settings are needed.   General requirement: To use the API, the outgoing communication over port 5672 must be granted. Please set and define an outgoing rule for this. This is an main requirement to use the api.   When you […]

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    Scan to track times

    WERBAS  now adds the ability to directly enter the time registration for a specific workorder just by scanning a qr-code. For this you can easily download and import the printing template from here. If you set this as “follow-up-print” for your workorder document within your WERBAS print-template settings. Just jam the document into the side window […]

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  • new languages in WERBAS.blue

    We welcome our swiss customers! WERBAS.blue now supports also the additional languages de-CH fr-CH The currency displayed within WERBAS. is taken from your settings within WERBAS. So if your primary currency is set to SFr it will be displayed in WERBAS.  as SFr as well.

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    iOS 11 update

    After updating your iPhone or iPad you might experience some problems using Apple Safari browser. While we’re still trying to figure out, what causes those rendering problems within the latest Apple update there’s a workaround. What to do? Just add the https://werbasblue.werbasinnotec.com Website as Homescreen-App (Share-Icon and “Add to Homescreen”) or Use the Chrome Browser […]

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  • 4.243 Release-Notes WERBAS.blue

    Available for all WERBAS Users with WERBAS 4.243 or greater, we’re proud to offer new features: Timetracking Now it’s possible to track spent times to a workorder, even workorder line items or non workorder related unproductive tasks. To open the timetracking dialog, select the timerecord option within the user-pulldown on the upper right corner of […]

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    Network prerequesities for WERBAS.blue

    Minimum connection requirements with all  clients behind your firewall. This scenario applies if you have all  clients within your LAN, Wifi, or VPN. device requests the website from the cloud via HTTP GET firewall proxy needs to enable access to *.werbasinnotec.com WERBAS.blue responds with the IP / Hostname of your BO-Server API for fetching your data  tries […]

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  • Release Notes WERBAS.blue

    Available for all WERBAS Users with WERBAS 4.241 or greater, we’re proud to offer plenty new features: Easier login process. If you allowed your client to remember your login data it’s not needed anymore to aknowledge it to enter . We’ll just log you in. massive performance optimizations Large Lists are now automatically split into separate […]

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