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  • WERBAS.blue is much more than just dialog reception.
  • is a solution which enables you to use the Information in your workshop management system wherever you want, whenever you want just on fingertip.
  • The WERBAS.blue runs in every modern webbrowser so that there is on need for buying special hardware and installing and maintaining any additional server or client software. It runs in every current webbrowser and is optimized for high performance.
  • For you there is no need to push your data to the cloud or any other provider. Your smartphone, Tablet-PC, Smart-TV etc. gets the requested data directly from your ERP-System and you can grant and deny the access to your data directly in your installation on site.

The Application is completely themeable, multi-language  and and can be customized to your preferred style:

See the WERBAS video (in german) here:

  • There is no need for expensive long-term contracts.
  • Each workshop can test the system for free and afterwards just purchase what is needed.
  • The purchase and activation is available 24/7 on 365 days a year as a self-service. Just in the moment we receive your money, we activate your licenses.

Get more information about WERBAS.blue as WERBAS AddOn @ www.werbas.com