WERBAS.blue Release Notes 1.1.5

 Release Notes WERBAS.blue 1.1.5
The development of WERBAS.blue 1.1.5 is done. We’ve implemented the listed new features in this version:
  1. Design and usability polish
    In this version we have polished design and usability. All headers have the same design, now. The function Going-back to previous page, is possible on the complete length of the header after click. 
  2. Additional UI Themes
    Additional to the default theme we’ve implementated themes wich are called green, blue and orange. You can switch this in the settings pages.
  3. Confirmation of the order
    For the confirmation of the order we have implementated a new tab in workorder on the third position. In this tab you will find all signable forms for the customer. Actually only the form “confirmation of the order” is available. We’re going to complete this partial.
  4. Bugfix for Mozilla Firefox
    In the previous version of WERBAS.blue we had the problem, that the system displayed the error message “error in API” after opening the part with the checklists. The problem was only running on Mozilla Firefox. Now it’s possible to get a checklist with Mozilla Firefox. 
  5. Workorder-Info
    In context workorder it’s possible to use the info-field as multi-line field, now.
  6. Multiple Topics in Fileuploader
    Now it’s possible to set multiple topics in the “Innotec Fileuploader” for WERBAS Archive. You can confirm a topic by the plus-icon or by hit the enter key.
  7. Full Screen Mode in Signature
    The signature fields in all forms and checklists have the additional button “fullscreen” now. After hitting this button the field of signature will display in full-screen. The signature for the customer in this mode is easier on small devices. 

To use this new WERBAS.blue version, you need WERBAS version 4.204 at least. Alle previous versions of WERBAS will fall in our Fallback-System. Here the WERBAS.blue version 1.0.0 is running.