WERBAS.blue release notes 2.3.3

Latest changed delivered to all customers using WERBAS 5.0.2 and higher:

  • WERBAS.blue received the WERBAS App WERBAS Logo instead of the WERBAS Innotec logo.
  • The receipies you get for your purchases within our license shop are now billed from WERBAS AG and no more by WERBAS Innotec GmbH.
  • Textareas within WERBAS.blue (nicht WERBAS!) now support markdown syntax. This allows you to add formatting and even hyperlinks. See https://www.markdownguide.org/getting-started for details.
  • The checklists are now rendered at the cloud services and do not need to rely anymore on the List&Label Version available within your WERBAS installation. List&Label pushed us to this change, because its rendering doesn’t support properly dynamic data objects sent from online-soruces and always needed to process several workarounds on WEBRAS side.