WERBAS.blue Release Notes

 Release Notes WERBAS.blue 1.3.0
The development of WERBAS.blue 1.3.0 is done. We’ve implemented the listed new features in this version:
  1. Add packages to workorder basket
    Now it’s possible to add packages to the basket in context workorder. The WERBAS module “Best of AG” is necessary to get this feature in WERBAS.blue. In context of workorder-details, the tab workorder positions, has an additional icon to open the packagelist now.By click on this icon a modial dialog will be open. In this dialog multiple tabs are available. At first you can see your “Best Of AG” packages followed by additional package areas which are available in your system.If you are a SEAT Dealer, all the SEAT Packages to this workorder / Vehicle VIN will be opened in a separate tab.In context of this different tabs it’s possible to get the packages in the workorder basket by a multiple select.
  2. Direct Acceptance Checklist for SEAT Dealers
    We’ve designed a own checklist, which is called “direct acceptance”, for the german SEAT Dealers. To open this checklist it’s necessary to activate this checklist in your account.
  3. Full-Screen support for iOS and Android Devices
    Now it’s possible to start this application in fullscreen mode like a native application. To use this feature select on iOs the function “Add to Homescreen” and on Android in chrome the function “Add to Startpage”. The application is available on the homescreen of the device, now. When you start at this position the device will start the application in fullscreen mode. So the space is more efficient in use on your display.
  4. New document Viewer for Archive
    We’ve implementated a new document viewer for your archived documents and pictures. With this document viewer it’s possible to zoom, pitch, and view your documents in full screen mode direct in the application. Additional we display the GPS coordinates in a Google Maps Card of the picture if it’s available.
  5. No breaking Changes through feature flags
    In WERBAS.blue 1.3.0 we implementated a mechanismus to grant the access to features which is in relation to the version of your BO server. If a feature needs a min version of the bo server api, we hide the feature in WERBASblue so long as the api version is not reached.