4.243 Release-Notes WERBAS.blue

Available for all WERBAS Users with WERBAS 4.243 or greater, we’re proud to offer new features:

  • Timetracking

    Now it’s possible to track spent times to a workorder, even workorder line items or non workorder related unproductive tasks.
    To open the timetracking dialog, select the timerecord option within the user-pulldown on the upper right corner of the application. In this dialog it’s possible to track times and show the tracked times of this day.
    if you start time recording from the context of a workorder, the component will select the current workorder automatically. The tracked times and proposed times are displayed in the workorderdetails and workorderpositions-sections as progress bar. If the tracked times exceed the estimated times, the progress bar will be displayed in red.
    To be able to use this function you just need to have a licensed and proper configured time-recording-add-on in WERBAS and the appropriate license from the innotec license shop.

  • Intelligent sort order in the process assistant

    The processes of the assistant are sorted by your own usage automatically. Example: You are a keyaccounter and very often use the workorder opening. After a while, the system will sort the option “open workorder” onto the first place. If you want to reset this information, you can use the reset-button on the right corner of the process assistant.

If you’re running WERBAS in a Version < 4.243 WERBAS. redirects you to its previous version. Please ensure, that you update WERBAS to a version >= 4.243 to get this new features.