Release Notes

Available for all WERBAS Users with WERBAS 4.241 or greater, we’re proud to offer plenty new features:

  • Easier login process.
    If you allowed your client to remember your login data it’s not needed anymore to aknowledge it to enter . We’ll just log you in.
  • massive performance optimizations
    Large Lists are now automatically split into separate pages. So even if you have thousands of open workorders the access remains fast by first showing the top 50 results.
    If you scroll to the end of the fetched data, automatically fetches the next results.
  • Implementation of process based workflows in your garage. We bring you directly to the point that you need for even more straight-forward useabilty and a sleeker design.
  • added “dictate what you want” to the process assistant
    Try the microphone-icon besides the input fields.
    Unfortunately iOS devices do not support this feature right now
  • create new workorders for existing customers
  • create new offers for existing customers
  • authorize proposals
  • add packages more than once (eg. a package for replacing seat covers when multiple seats are defected)
  • add your text templates
  • add labours from all your labour catalogs
  • delete inadvertently archived documents (hides them from access)
  • Due-date hints within the vehicle page if eg. main inspection date, exhaust examination, etc. is due.
  • find workorders by id, customer name, vehicle license plate, VIN, Brand, Type
  • find vehicles by id, customer name, vehicle license plate, VIN, Brand, Type
  • direct access to vehicles
    (eg. if you print QR-Code-sticker with the Link to the vehicle data you can stick them into the car and when it arrives you can easily view its history and add a new offer or workorder.
    QR-Code for direct vehicle Access
  • direct access to customers
    eg. if you want to create discount cards for your customers, you could add an QR-Code there as well. Then accessing the customers data gets much easier
  • start your process via direct link.
    This can be used to put your mostly used processes to your browser bookmarks or homescreen.
    Just add

    to your bookmarks / homescreen. Valid [processNames] are

If you’re running WERBAS in a Version < 4.241 WERBAS. redirects you to its previous version. Please ensure, that you update WERBAS to a version >= 4.241 to get this new features.

Together with this features we also updated our print2archive driver. You can download it here. Please update this as well if you run WERBAS 4.241 or greater.