Release Notes

 Release Notes 1.2.0
The development of 1.2.0 is done. We’ve implemented the listed new features in this version:
  1. Now it’s possible to take Photos and archive documents for everyone!
    Until this version it’s possible to use the archive features, without a purchased WERBAS-Archive licence. You can fetch or archive documents, checklists, photos and files over the UI or an upcomming product released this summer.Additional information if the licence is not available in WERBAS:
    – You can use these features only in
    The system WERBAS will not automatically archive documents on print. (Inovices, Offsers, Workorders) This feature is only possible with the WERBAS-Archive licence.
    – The processes via are pay-per-use. So if you don’t use a feature it won’t cost you anything.
  2. Directlink to the context from checklist
    Now it’s very easy to switch to vehicle or customer context when a checklist is in process. You will find an icon in the right lower corner of the checklist which you can use to choose between customer or vehicle information. The system will save the checklist automatically on switch so that you can continue processing this checklist at a later time.Best practices:
    – You edit a checklist while direct acceptance process.
    – You need some information about the tested vehicle in this case.
    – You can click the icon and switch directly to the vehicle-information page. The system will save the checklist automatically.
    – You get the needed information from the vehicle page.
    – By click on the vehicle header, the system redirects to the edited checklist.

To use this new version, you need WERBAS version 4.207 at least. Alle previous versions of WERBAS will access our fallback-system without those new features. Here the version 1.0.0 is running.