Network requirements / settings to use the Innotec network infrastructure beginning with API Version 2.2.0

Beginning with API Version 2.2.0 and switch to complete SSL communication some network requirements / settings are needed.


General requirement:

To use the API, the outgoing communication over port 5672 must be granted. Please set and define an outgoing rule for this. This is an main requirement to use the api.


When you like to use the API in your local network only:

If you like to use the API only in your local network, may be you must set an additional dns-rebind rule.

Example for “Fritz Box” Users:


This is necessary to resolve your local ip adresses by the innotec dns service.

Not recommended solution:

A not recommended solution is to set the dns resolve sequence by hand in your local network settings.



The great disadvantage of this solution is, that you must define this setting on all your devices (desktops, mobil devices).


Make the API reachable worldwide:

If you like to use your API outside of your personal network, you have two solutions. The first solution is you will integrate your devices in a virtual private network. This solution mirrored the network requirements and settings from the local network.

The second solution is to open a public port in your firewall, and route the communication to the machine where the “WERBAS BO Service” is running.

On startup the service will handle out the SSL certificate automatically with the innotec algorythm.


Short Description BO Service UI:

With both pins it’s possible to disable the auto detection of the public- or local ip address. If the defined public port are reachable from outside, the system and infrastructure will switch automatically to the worldwide communication.

On the questionmark it’s possible to view the log from the handshake algorythm.