Network prerequesities for

Minimum connection requirements

with all  clients behind your firewall. This scenario applies if you have all  clients within your LAN, Wifi, or VPN.

  1. device requests the website from the cloud via HTTP GET
  2. firewall proxy needs to enable access to * responds with the IP / Hostname of your BO-Server API for fetching your data
  3.  tries to log in with the combination of the entered WERBAS user credentials and an access-token we gave from our cloud system.
  4. Your WERBAS-Server validates the token at the corresponding cloud system and checks the user credentials.
    After both was validated and we could check on our cloud system that you have still a valid license (and coins available at pay-per-use models) the data is handed over via connection no 3. This data like workorders, customers, etc. are transfered directly between your werbas server and your  client. They are not sent to any cloud servers.
  5. (and 4) are used outgoing to validate whether your Server has still a valid (purchased) license. If this can’t be validated your Server will stop responding on API- / Webrequests.
    If we’re not allowed to update the REST-Endpoint to the version needed by you’ll get the previous Version. If you skip at least two update cycles with WERBAS you won’t be able to use  anymore.
  6. This connection is not relevant for  and remains untouched related to your current installation.

You need to ensure, that at least the following domains are accessable for webrequests initiated from your systems to our domains (outgoing requests)

  • from your BO-Server
    • *
      which is the same domain you anyway need to access for updating your WERBAS licenses.
      Your WERBAS REST API will be downloaded from here when a newer version is available.
    • *
      which is neccesary to ensure, that your API is able to validate whether the requesting system was allowed by you for API-access.
      This access is granted by you via our license-shop by purchasing a license and assigning it to your API during the purchase process.
  • from your clients
    • *
      for loading  – which is a product of WERBAS Innotec GmbH – made for WERBAS AG

Message Size…

Even though we ensure, that message sizes are as small as possible to ensure a good performance, in some special cases the message size can exceed the average of only a few kilobytes. Especially when you fetch checklists, or download updates for the API from our cloud systems, you might get responses >= 10 MB. Please ensure, that you don’t block such requests with “max-response-size” rules.