WERBAS.blue Release Notes v1.1.0

Release Notes WERBAS.blue v1.1.0
The development of WERBAS.blue. v1.1.0 is done. We’ve implemented the listed new features in this version:
  1. Inventory
    The stocktaking process over WERBAS.blue is possible, now. Now the user has the possibility to take all stock amounts of the WERBAS counting list by a mobile device. The stocktaking process in WERBAS is unchanged. The process to use this feature is very simple. You find all WERBAS stocktaking lists in the inventory-dashboard of WERBAS.blue. In this dashboard you can see all the states of your counting lists and your inventory. Start of the stocktaking process and the creation of the counting lists in WERBAS is the requirement.
    An additional feature of this process is the counting states of the stocktaking position. The user has the possibility to set an intermediate state of the position.
  2. Sortable lists
    All List elements (Workorder, Offers, History …) are sortable, now. To use this feature open the console under the header bar. In this console you will find different sort modules for the lists.
  3. Workorderlist
    The remark (short field) of the workorder is changed to the description (long field) of the workorder. This ensures, that the workorderinfo is the same as the description in the workorderlist. The description in the workorderlist is truncated after 50 characters.

To use this new WERBAS.blue version, you need WERBAS version 4.204 at least.